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Sarah John

Today was the 8th District Democratic Convention which was very well attended by delegates elected several weeks ago in the caucuses. Jim Moran gave an impassioned speech objecting to the actions of Frat-Boy's administration in Iraq and here at home. He condemned the war, the squandering of international good-will toward America, and the squandering of the Clinton surplus. He pointed out the many times where he has opposed the policies of the White House.
Andy Rosenberg also spoke focusing his speech less on his own goals as a potential congressman and more on the need to remove Bush.
Candidates for the National convention addressed separately caucused Kerry and Edwards delegates who then voted to select those to go to Boston.
A poignant moment occurred when our own Patrice McKenney was welcomed as "the sole Dean delegate" to resounding applause. Patrice then took the mike to graciously state that "in the interest of solidarity and as a gesture of unity within the party, I herewith transfer from Dean to Kerry". Oh, my! What can I say?? It was heartbreaking.
On a more positive note, Dean's successes were evident throughout the day. Several speeches made by long-committed Kerry supporters recognized him. Patrick Morrison,long active Falls Church native who is well-known and very much respected in the 11th District, and who is now gerrymandered into the 8th, firefighter, IAFF union stalwart, praised Dean for returning the Democratic party to its sense of self and for improving Kerry as a candidate. Others praised Dean for the many new activists brought into politics. And, as the Governor has encouraged us to do and seeks to achieve through DFA, several candidates announced in their speeches that this was their first involvement in a campaign and that they had chosen to run for the convention because of Dean's leadership. It takes a great deal of courage to run as a first-timer in a Party setting where the process rewards those with long histories of "paying dues" who are able to obtain endorsements from the power structure. Their presence was noted by all. Although our Deaniacs did not win election to the national convention, they should each be very proud of themselves!

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