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Go James Socas!! Good luck!!! There's no reason why a healthy progressive young Democrat shouldn't represent the 10th. You gotta believe!

You can do it!

Maura in VA

I was at the Falls Church DFA Meetup that James Socas attended. He is REALLY great. I was so impressed with his speaking ability and with his commitment to run a very spirited campaign utilizing many volunteers on the ground.

Socas could really use our mousepads and shoeleather and hope (and money). And he could also use DFA's endorsement. To add your voice to those of us who are recommending James Socas as a candidate for DFA to support, please click here to send a message to HQ.

At your next Meetup, you could also circulate a petition to ask for DFA's support of James Socas and then forward it to HQ.

One of the things that we do need to discuss is developing a formal process for DFV to endorse candidates or recommend candidates to DFA for endorsement. David Rackmales' group in Franklin County has started their own process. I hope we can have this on an agenda for a DFV organizing meeting.

Maura in VA

Woops! My link HTML in the comment did not work. Click my name for contact page for HQ, or here's the URL:


rich kolker

I've met and spoken with James Socas and his campaign staff several times now, and he's a great candidate who will do us proud, and can beat Frank Wolf. That's no small challenge, but he has the message and the willingness to work that can make it happen.

Like any candidate, he can use our money. Please contribute to his campaign. I have.

Don Mikulecky

Having a stale page doesn't do the cause much good. In fact it does a lot of harm. Do you need help?


Hey all, Kat from Socas for Congress here. Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say a few things. First of all, the description above has Rep. Wolf's name spelled wrong. Also, thing are going well and if you have any interest in helping us out on the campaign, we could definitely use more help. James is speaking today at the Democratic National Convention and things are going to get all kinds of busy after that! Please email me if you'd like to get involved. Thanks and I hope to hear from some of you soon!

Aizaz Haider

I am unable to get to James Socas Web site. When will that be up and running?


I feel so identify reading about this because I lived in Virginia and also I'm a former, this is what most captured my attention because to be honest the rest of the article don't like me because I unknown about Congress.

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