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Charlie Fletcher

I've heard of quite a few races, both primaries and for the general; but does anyone have a good site/link/resource for the 2005 Virginia house races. One where we can find out who's challenging who, which candidates need help getting started, which will be tight? Preferably with websites. I've heard of a few, but we need more out there with a presence on the web, because a lot of eyes will be in Virginia in a few months and we need to be ready to put those eyes, fingers and keyboards to work for Democrats.

Virginia Centrist

The following post on my blog details which races I think will be tight:

House of Delegates Races in 2005

Patricia Smith

Earnie Porta's campaign manager, Lucinda Guinn, will be at the Occoquan Meetup on April 6, at Sea Sea and Co. Restaurant on Mill Street, 7PM. Please join us.

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