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Shaula Evans

All this good news, following right on the heels of the Washington Post picking up the story about the straw poll. The Byrne campaign must be ecstatic!

sarah john

Posted by Shaula Evans at 2:45 a.m.

Shaula, you must be ecstatic to be up and reading the blog at 2:45 a.m.!

The Washingtoon Post story actually semed to me to be plumping Chap Peterson. It really didn't say much positive about Leslie other than the filing and virtually dismissed Viola. I, for one, have always been somewhat skeptical of Lisa Rein's reporting in previous campaigns, such as our Dean campaign here.

The first DFA A-List has been posted. It would be amazing and, yes, ecstacy producing, if Leslie were listed in the next three. Please, if you support Leslie, go to DemocracyforAmerica.com/recommendations and let Burlington know that there is grassroots support for Senator Byrne.


One thing for Petersen though... he's the only candidate who didn't hire a firm to collect signatures. Petersen filed a few days after Leslie, but with more signatures collected by volunteers. Does this show that Chap has a broader grassroots campaign?

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