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Jonathan Mark

Maura, it is nice to say good things about the candidates, but I do not agree that all six are great candidates.

Dick Hobson is not willing to support gun control. He also supports I-66 widening in Arlington and speaks inaccurately about the matter. He walked away from this job 25 years ago and now he wants it back again.

Libby may not have done as good a job on the school board as we would like. The proposed new Washington and Lee high school violates building ordinances by being too tall, and no one at the School Board did anything about it. There are also cost overruns.

Everyone is extremely charming with good communications skills. I admire that Dick Hobson drives a beat-up old station wagon that looks like it was manufactured when I was in high school.

I said to him, "Dick, are you going to be as frugal in the House as you are with that car?" and he responded "I am a man of the people!"

David Englin and Laura Mandala are, to me, acceptable candidates. David may go far. I hope he does. But I do not agree that the entire field is as strong as you say it is.

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