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Adam Sharp

Yes, Stephen and Mara are going places ... the Virginia Young Democrats have already picked Stephen up to direct our Young Voter Coordinated Campaign this fall. So for all you who didn't have the pleasure of seeing Stephen at work first-hand, we'll be putting him to work all over the commonwealth.


Amazing that you Dems just picked up on this ... perhaps you won't keep falling behind in Virginia

Cindy Montgomery

You said it so well Lester that I hardly have anything to add, except that it was such an honor to work on this campaign and to get to know Shayna and David. I really think this is the beginning of a long and successful political career for David. I have never worked on a campaign that was run so professionally...Stephen and Mara were so impressive and it will be interesting to follow their careers as well. Even having worked on the Dean campaign I have never seen the committed volunteers I saw show up at the Englins. It was inspiring to watch and like Lester I am still on a high today. David will do northern Virgina AND the Democrat party proud. Congrats David..we love you !

Christian Grantham

You said it, Lester! When it comes down to it, we can talk about what should and shouldn't have been said or done in campaigns, but it's each of our personal committment of just a few hours of real action on the ground that adds up to victory.

Here in the 13th District, we have our work cut out for us as we go up against Delegate Bob Marshall. We've out-raised Bob Marshall twice over, and people are telling us it's time for a change. To win, we need to reach the voters where they live.

We're asking people to give us 8 hours of time over the next four months to do the work it takes to win. We're going to sweat the heat, pound the street and knock on doors across this district, and anyone wanting to join us should give us a call. We'll get you on the schedule and call you to remind you as the dates come up. I can be reached at 703-310-6312.

Shayna Englin

THANK YOU, Lester, Cindy, and the rest of the dozens of volunteers who made our win possible. David and I are both so honored by the commitment you made, the hours you donated, and the buckets of sweat you shed!

William S. English

When I first heard that David was considering running for the Virginia State Assembly, I cautioned him to remember that any decisions, actions, policies, and choices he made as a member of the Assembly would have far reaching effects on not only his constituients but on all of the citizens of his state. A point that I have tried to make clear during my own forays into the political arena in my home state of New Mexico.

Its not often a Republican will stand up and shout with pride for a Democrat, but then its not often a Republican can say that he has a Democrat for a son who is running for Office on a Democratic Ticket. I am speaking of course of David Englin.

While circumstance, time, and geography have separated the two of us politically, and in idealogy in many respects, I can say that I have a father's pride in his son.

As an ardent Republican who comes from a long line of ardent Republicians I would like to state that I have followed David's campaign with great interest and with an extremely critcal eye. Fathers have a tendency to do that at times . . .

What I found was something that I have to admit we Republicans are in desparate need of. Aside from a campaign that was extremely well run, filled with young enthusiastic and committed people (not even the Young Republicans can lay claim to that), I found that David displayed an extraordinary amount of understanding of the issues and even more extraordinary common sense in finding solutions to the issues that not only Democrats can support, but Republicans as well.

Yes I am David's father, and of course you would expect me to say something like this. However! Just because I am his father, doesn't mean that he and I will agree on all of the issues plaguing the politics of our time and in our country. In fact I am sure that there are many issues that we do disagree on, and most likely vehemently. But as a Republican I can say that if both parties had candidates and individuals such as David Englin, I would venture a guess and say that solutions to the problems of the citizens of our country would be more readily available, and there would be less back biting between the two parties.

David Englin has clearly demonstrated that there are simple methods that are effective, and I predict that he will win the General Election. I know one thing for certain; I am glad that I am not the Republican running against him. That poor slob doesn't stand a chance.

Hmmm... I wonder if I can convince David's Campaign crew to help me run for the Senate for New Mexico?? Nahhhh...probably not, but the very idea of it would drive the Republicans down here nuts.

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