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kathy in virginia

I've been blogging for so long as "kathy in virginia" I can't stop, even though it might be more helpful now to say "kathy in richmond."

Anyway, I never knew what a great rep Boby Scott was until this year. So many times recently I've seen a message on the DFA blog that says "go write your reps and ask them to support bill X" and when I go check Bobby Scott's webpage, he's already signed on to support whatever it is. The first time that happened was the bill about paper trails for electronic voting. So I'm doing whatever I can to support him, and I am SO GLAD I live in his district, even if it means I won't have the pleasure of voting against Eric Cantor (please, please, somebody run against him.)

rich kolker

Bobby Scott did more than contribute his name to Howard Dean in Virginia. He contributed his time, attending staff meetings many weeks and staying with us through the good and the bad.

He deserves our support in any way we can help.


Bobby Scott is one of the hardest working people I know, always for the adverage person.
The lady he is running against doesn't ever live in N.N. Her family is in Winchester and she commutes there every week. She took an aparment in N.N. to please the Rep. party so the would have an African American running against Bobby. We love Bobby Scott and he will win in a landslide.


The Richmond area Democracy for America group, meeting 1st Wednesdays at Healthsouth Rehabilitation Hosp., 2+ blocks south of the intersection of Broad and Libbie (7:20-7:30 p.m., is backing Bobby Scott.

I'm trying to organize door-to-door canvassing in East Henrico, particularly Sullivans precinct, Varina District Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons (when it's not too hot)to:

1. extend invitations to join the Henrico Democratic Party, for those who might be interested

2. give a plug for Bobby

3. "ID" voters

4. register the unregistered

5. identify potential precinct workers

If you can help, e-mail me!

This precinct votes 70-80% Democratic, but is underrepresented in the Party structure. A vote for Bobby is ALSO probably a vote for Kerry, so let's get those Bobby Scott votes identified and to the polls on 11/2.

E-mail Robin to volunteer....specify dates (Saturdays-Sundays), or even the 7-9 p.m. period on weekdays. Patriot451@aol.com


I'm not getting many volunteers to canvass for Bobby and register voters. Do you guys think this is a crucial election OR NOT?

Do democrats Walk the Walk? Or do they only Talk the Talk?

I hear people talking about how important this is, but they're not DOING anything. George Bush's campaign just contacted tens of thousands of churches in America asking for help to reach all their congregations. Are we going to let them get away with that?

Looks like maybe we are....and that saddens me.


I recently submitted Bobby to MoveOn.org. They are looking for local candidates to endorse, and soliciting information on local candidates from the members. I think the deadline to be in the first round of candidates is passed - but you can still go and nominate Bobby too!


I'm sorry you had trouble getting people to canvass for Bobby - I hope you go to the Kerry Meetup this week and ask for more volunteers there. I know its always frustrating to find volunteers to do anything beyond sitting at home and complaining, but keep at it.

Wesley Patrick Schoonmaker Jr.

Dear Mr. Scott,

I am writting you too inform you so as you might inform the president of a old world war two statigy of keeping fouren nationals in U.S. who have relitive in the notions the U.S. is currently at war with.

During world war two Japaines nationals were detained in U.S. Today because this stratigy has not been implimented nucliar matirial cappable of fission from inplact or naturaly as occured in the Rusian tundra in nineteen eighteen is now in terrorest hands in the untied states C.N.N.

Should America Close the Borders for all international transit until through background check can be made of citizzen' and buissness-men's communications with all persons over seas then america could be safe from any atack from within.


Wesley Patrick Schoonmaker Jr.

A Third District Mother, Taxpayer and Voter Richmond, Va. 23231

This is unbelievable....are Virginians not paying attention to what is going on nationally and Scott is in the middle of all this? The highest deficit ever...2 1/2 trillion added in just 11 months. I thought Bush spending 6.5 trillion in 8 years was heartbreaking even thought we had 9/11 with the financial districts almost collapsing, a Dot.Com crash, Fighting terrorism on 2 fronts and trying to safe guard our land...not to mention the border fence and Gitmo we have been financing. Scott voted on all 2.5 trillion pieces of legislation this year. If interests rates go up to the rates of the Carter years, up to 85% of all tax revenue coming from our pockets will go to interest payments "alone" on all the money this government is borrowing. That leaves 15% to run a government, take care of our military, help the poor and needy, pay all the exorbitant salaries of every Federal Employee and their cadillac benefits and funding state governments. This country is slowly imploding as money needed for the government has slowed down dramatically due to high unemployment and this Congress would rather continue to spend money and enrich the the already rich insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies instead of work on jobs and the economy. The 787 Billion Stimulus? What a joke. That was only a Thank you for electing those into office by this Congress and administration. Facts have shown that what stimulus has been passed out were to those who supported those elected instead of to the states and American citizens in great need. OUR TAX DOLLARS!! Don't believe me, check it out on the internet. No, Bobby Scott has voted to help bring this country's economy into a free for all. When the recession came from mistakes made by BOTH parties, bailing out car companies, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Wall Street(AIG, Goldman Sachs etc.) and then the Unions, that was the final straw. And now a 2 to 3 trillion dollar healthcare bill that FORCES Americans to buy insurance or GO TO JAIL! Back room deals, unconstitutional legislation is the legacy this Congress leaves with us in 2010 and you STILL want these guys back in? We need HONEST, CARING, and LOYAL people who don't vote partisan but only legislate to help put this country back on track or we will die a slow death. Mickey Mouse gets my vote before Bobby Scott. Check his record...he is strictly a partisan voter whether it is good for Virginians or not. It's time for new blood who is neither Democrat nor Republican...we need a Voice of the People!!

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