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Yeah Rick Boucher!

My grandmother lives in VA's 6th and has met Boucher at a local meeting! I hope he gets reelected.

Maura -- where in VA do you live?? Do you have any information on other house races yet?? Rumor has it Steven Winslow is running against the nasty poisonous Bob Goodlatte in the 6th District.

Also, James Socas www.socasforcongress.com is running against Frank Wolf in the 10th District. Al Weed - I wish him the absolute best of luck against that evil Goode, may he win I pray! I have seen more information on VA Congressional Candidates and I'll come back with it.

By the way, I'm Boaz, a student at Phillips Exeter Academy in NH. My grandma lives in VA's 6th, so I've spent many summers there. I also was a big supporter of the Gov. during the primary season. I saw some of your entries on the blog Maura!

Bo from NH/VA

OK Maura... more from me now... it seems like in VA's 2nd District a guy called David Ashe is running... he is a lawyer and recently returned from "Active Duty" in non other than Iraq. His website is www.davidasheforcongress.com and this I found by way of DC's Political Report. Also, I found out by way of Cook Political Report that in the district, which is composed of "Parts of Norfolk and Virginia Beach," the percentage of Democrats registered is only six percent less than the Republicans.

Bo from NH/VA

More from me... I'm sorry I know this is overwhelming...

4th District: Mark Sisisky, seemingly the son of ex-uber Popular Rep. Norman Sisisky, is listed on DC's Political Report to challenge Randy Forbes. According to Cook Political Report, Republicans only top Democrats by five percent in this Southeastern VA district.

7th District: To challenge Eric Cantor in this district, which according to Cook Political is Republicanly registered by a margin of 12%, it seems

Bo from NH/VA

Woops, I clicked a wrong button... anyway it seems like Brad Blanton, a Kucinichite and philanthropist/author (according to DC's Political Report). This guy actually has a website... and he's listed as both a Democrat and an Independent Green...


Bo from NH/VA

VA's 11th District:

Gayle Rubin, who is just mentioned as a name in DC's Political Report to challenge Rep. Tom Davis in this suburban Northern VA. It is surprising Democrats have never managed to target this guy. Little as I know about this district, Cook Political Report does say Republicans only lead in registration there by four percentage points.

Also, more on VA's 6th District:


That URL which I found on Google will take you to a picture of Steven Winslow and some information about him. Interesting.

Maura in VA

Hi, Bo!

You rock. These are great links. I visited Phillips Exeter Academy in the fall for business and loved it up there. I hope you got to see the Gov when he spoke at PEA before the NH Primary!

I, too, am a big fan of DC Political Report. I'm planning on having information up about every Congressional District in VA; writers from throughout VA who live in each district will be writing pieces, like Kathy's above. I live in VA-8, home of Congressman Jim Moran, who is being challenged by Andy Rosenberg in the Democratic primary here on June 8. Since this blog is home to both Moran and Rosenberg supporters, we will share information on both candidates (and I've invited both candidates to blog) and support whoever wins the primary.

James Socas in the 10th is amazing. He came to our Democracy for America Meetup in Falls Church last Wednesday and I was thoroughly impressed. He's got an uphill battle against Wolf, but he's going to have great help from Dean supporters all over Nothern Virginia.

In the 11th, Gayle Rubin has not yet gotten the nomination. She was able to collect enough signatures to submit to the state along with her filing fee, but she was 20 minutes late in filing her receipt with the Democratic Party office in the 11th district. Her status is in limbo until the district convention this weekend - the party may choose to nominate her, or it may nominate someone else, or it may choose not to run a candidate at all. I strongly subscribe to Gov. Dean's opinion that we should neverleave a Republican unopposed, no matter how "safe" a seat it is, so I hope the party does run someone.

In the last re-districting, the 11th district became much more red. My precint used to be in the 11th, but we voted so overwhelmingly Democratic that the Republican General Assembly threw us into Moran's district (the 8th) to make the 8th more blue and the 5th more red.

I'm so glad you found us here. We haven't really gone "live" with the site yet, but since Alison posted the link we've gotten lots of traffic, so I guess we're live by default! Please email democracyforvirginia@yahoo.com if you're interested in writing full threads!

Bo from NH/VA

Good Evening Maura,

Thanks for the generous offers!! How long ago did Alison post the link on the DFA Website? Because I just saw that yesterday... although I hadn't been there for a while.

I just sent off an encouragement letter to the Hon. Mr. Boucher... wishing him well. The one thing I neglected to mention was to thank him for what I had read about: his authentic effort to get to know everybody and be personal and accessible. More tomorrow.


I too am a longtime Rick Boucher fan. My family is from Wise County and I return often. I will certainly support Boucher from any and all carpetbaggers. I was surprised to learn Cheney had weighed in on his campaign. I will certainly volunteer to help out.

Regarding the 11th District, I don't think Tom Davis will run unopposed. There are several candidates who are under consideration for the nomination. Clearly my favorite is one of our own Dean Democrats, Len Sistek. He has been part of the Occoquan meetup since last fall and an outspoken supporter of Governor Dean on the war. He is a 20-year military veteran and currently works on the Hill on the Oversight Subcommitte of the Committee on Veterans Affairs. He is smart and articulate and has a strategy to beat Tom Davis. I am encouraged that he as a strong chance of getting the Democratic nomination for this race and I ask that you offer your support to one of our own.

Elizabeth strong

Dear Congressman Boucher,Please note the number of constituents you have who are bankrupt over hospital bills. If people become sick their insurance is cancelled {if they have any}. why not allow people with no insurance to opt into medicare? It could be funded by charging a premium based on what you could afford. Medicare will eventually wind up paying for these people anyway. Please check into this possibility, these are the people that the insurance companies dont want anyway.sincerely,Elizabeth Strong

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