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Another candidate with a website is Matt Harrison in PW County. You can find him here...www.matt2005.com.


Yes! please help Poisson - right now Black is out to a HUGE start in fundraising, but with each idiotic statement he makes, hopefully we can get David some money.


On the Fairfax/Loudon County border, I am given to understand that Gary Reese in the 67th and Tom Rust in the 86th currently are unopposed. If you live in one of those districts and would consider taking Gov. Dean's message to heart and running for Delegate, or if you think you can recruit someone, email me and I'll do my best to get you hooked up with the Fairfax Democrats. (I'm a Deaniac on the Fairfax Democratic Committee, and I'm far from the only one.)

(If my information is incorrect and there is someone who's decided to run, I'd like to hear about that, too!)

Shayna Englin

Another one not to miss: David Englin, running to replace Marion Van Landingham, who is retiring due to health reasons at the end of this term. Full disclosure: he's my husband! :-) We were both proud Dean supporters from way back in 2002, in no small part because Dean is a Democrat who's proud of it, and doesn't back down from his Democratic principles. The 45th District faces a choice among many good Democrats in the primary this June, but only one is an unabashedly progressive voice. Only one is running a true, insurgent campaign bent on bringing new people into the process (and we are doing just that! We had two high school students among our many volunteers at the doors for yesterday's weekly volunteer canvass, and they're coming back next week with their friends). Only one candidate for the 45th recognizes, and is campaigning on, the importance of standing firmly with progressive principles as we fight to take our Commonwealth back from the Radical Right.

David's already a force to be reckoned with in this campaign - we're the first doing volunteer canvasses, the first with yard signs up, and we're very, very encouraged by our fundraising to date.

Check out the website: www.davidenglin.org, and sign up for the email list to see for yourself what I'm talking about.

Thank you!

Sarah John

Delighted to learn that Bruce Roemmel is running! Bruce is an amazingly energetic, articulate, and compassionate individual. I had the pleasure of spending some intensive time with him during the America Can Do BEtter bus tou last year and was impressed with his take-charge leadership skills. Bruce is a deeply committed individual who is not going to play shrinking violet to the Rethugs. Please support him in any way you can, both with money and volunteer time, as will I. As mentioned above, even small donations are incredibly important to local candidates, and as we know from the Dean campaign, they add up quickly.



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