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Elaine in Roanoke

I hope others will read George Lakoff's theories about the use of language and metaphor by the far right...you can get a sense of what he is saying by finding the website for Rockridge Institute.
My guess, even though I could be wrong, is that this legislation is just another attempt to legally value a fetus above the woman carrying the fetus. (Lakoff would say that the strict father conservative feels a deep need to control HIS women and their reproductive decisions. After all, he is the FATHER and they are the lesser beings.)
Lakoff warns progressives about the use by the far right of what he terms "slippery slope" legislation. He means a law that opens a door to slowly destroying whatever the far right is against at the moment.
Cosgrove's "law" has all the earmarks of "slippery slope" legislation: muddied definitions that might be slipped into law and later used for other purposes; a seemingly innucuous piece of legislation that fits into a sequence of laws to eliminate something - here it would be the right of a woman to make decisions about a pregnancy.
If he is really concerned about babies being abandoned, then his law would be worded very differently. All of us want to insure that babies are not abandoned when we all know that loving homes could easily be found for them. My challenge to Cosgrove is that he work to make adoption more socially acceptable and easier, that he work diligently to insure that newborn infants in Virginia can get post-natal medical care, that he work to inform women that they can turn over babies to the Social Services Department. If there are legal problems with that transfer, then Cosgrove should be working on that.
He also might want to consider working to make sure that birth control information is available, that we honor a woman who gives up a child for adoption for making a decision that is right for both her and her child, that we commit the state of Virginia to providing social services for every child born in this state. Perhaps Cosgrove could learn from the words of Howard Dean:
"America will be stronger when we when we recognize that we are dependent on each another, responsible for each another, and connected to each other."

V. Blandin


I am a reporter with CBS 19 News in Charlottesville, and am trying to reach the moderator of this site to ask about the online battle regarding House Bill 1677.

There is an online between this site and Delegate Cosgrove according to other reports.

Please contact via the email typed above, and or call me at 434-531-0483.

Thank you,
V. Blandin

Waldo Jaquith

Maura, there is no "misunderstanding." That bill was as clear as day, and there's no ifs, ands, or buts about it. You stared down Cosgrove, and he blinked first; now he's trying to claim there never was a staring contest and, even if there was, you know, think of the children.

To use another metaphor, he got caught with his pants down. You didn't drop his pants -- you just pointed out that he was exposing himself.

And I should know, as the founder of the Virginia Family Values PAC. (He said smarmily.)


Hello Everyone,

As many of you know, Gov. Howard Dean is scheduled to make an announcement about his bid for DNC chair this afternoon. Time and again, Gov. Dean has demonstrated his deep support of democratic ideals. After years of losses, when everyone else was afraid, Gov. Dean came out of the darkness and told us "not to be afraid." This is why President Carter called Gov. Dean a "man of courage."

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- If they want to win elections like Republicans, than they are not really winning at all.
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T. Thompson in OH

I watched the broadcast tonight on Nightline, and I also read the rehash by Del. Cosgrove. I feel it very endearing of him to respond and explain the intentions of the bill, but even as a person who is not from Virginia, I'm slightly appalled that such a bill would even be presented to legislature. I don't completely understand why any person (or group of people as politicians) feels they can deem what is best for a woman in this predicament. Recently having gone through a situation of this nature, this is a very touchy subject with many, if not most, women. If the intention of the mother-to-be was to thwart off people, and make them believe things that aren't true, then maybe I could see where reprimand would be an issue. However, in most cases, the mother-to-be isn't trying to harm anyone. She's simply trying to deal with the situation in the only way she knows possible. Do you seriously think that any woman in this predicament could handle knowing that the child she bore...the child she planned a future for, had died? Do you think it's easy for her to face the fact that she'll never be able to hold, comfort, or admire this tiny life? Honestly, it pleases me to see the so many women banded together to fight this. This proves that any woman of morals would do what she felt best for all concerned. Last question, what happens to those women who have a miscarriage at, lets say 14 weeks, but never know it until say.....20 weeks. What then? That doesnt mean that she was wrong about anything. Life is an unpredictable event. And unless there's something mentally unstable about you, any woman would understand that, in natural instances, we have no control over the life inside of us, other than to do the best we can to keep it healthy and alive. That's all we can do. God Bless You for standing up for what you believe in. Thank you to Maura and all the people who helped to put an end to this horrific legislative mistake.




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