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Here's the letter I will be sending to the guy.

I have one question about your proposed HB1677 requiring that women report miscarriages--Are you high? Do you not have a wife or mother?

Seriously what is wrong with you? I can't get over my outrage about this bill to even be coherent.

Why can't the doctor's report miscarriages as women come into their offices LIKE THEY ALREADY DO? Most women need some level of medical care during a miscarriage, assuming they know they are pregnant. I doubt the statistics from the state's doctors are all that far off from what you would get if you force women to report their losses as if they were Jews reporting to Nazi death camps.

I hope you come to your senses. There are much more compassionate and logical ways to push forward a Right Wing Pro-Life stance. Your lack of imagination and sensitivity is appalling.

Think about it, you're requiring the women to provide the same information as the doctor's do with no consideration that 1)they aren't doctors and 2) they won't have the equipment to weigh the remains of their child or meet the other data requirements. Is your intellectual capacity and empathy (or that of your advisors) so limited that you couldn't see these logistical issues?

If this is an example of your problem solving, leadership, and legislating abilities, I really hope you find some other job. And quickly, for all our sakes.


Nothing like going to the horse's mouth for information. Being the nosy Parker that I am, I took it upon myself to email Delegate Cosgrove's office.

I just had the nicest phone conversation with Christie from Mr. Cosgrove's office. VA HB1677 does not, in fact have anything at all to do with miscarriages. The revision to the law currently on the books has been proposed in an effort to deter people from dumping babies and leaving them to die. Eleven babies were abandoned and found dead in 2003 alone.

Del Cosgrove and the VA legislature is simply trying to ensure that every baby born in VA has the right to continued life. VA does have a "Baby Moses" law on the books. Simply stated, an unwanted (for lack of a better word) baby can be surrendered at any safe place, i.e. fire department, police department, hospital, drs office, or any public place open for business at the time the baby is left, without reprisal.

Christie told me the last baby they found was in a snowbank in February 2004. Someone had taken the time to diaper the baby and wrap her in a blanket before they just left her in the woods, where she froze.

Personally, I think VA has more of an education issue with teen pregnancy and how to handle those pregnancies and they should focus more on this aspect, but the proposal does not have anything to do with miscarriages.

Just thought you'd like to know.


Um, "GototheSource" - it doesn't matter what the drones working for that Delegate TELLS you the bill is about, if you read the TEXT of the bill it says quite clearly, in plain English, all that the author of this website says it does.

And sorry if it sounds cold, but 11 trashcan babies is no excuse for violating the privacy rights of every woman in the state.


That's not what the bill says, that's what this interpretation of the bill says. The bill is currently being redrafted to specifically exclude miscarriages.

What do I care? I'm not in VA and I'm betting you're not either.

I would tend to agree, however, that the focus should be more on education and personal responsibility.

Kate the Great

You're right, GototheSource--there's nothing like going straight to the horse's mouth for information. Which is why I read the actual text of the bill. And it says exactly what's written in the original post. I don't care how polite Cosgrove's staff is; they're still supporting an egregious effort to strip our away our civil rights. What kind of person could possibly be in favor of this legislation? Certainly not any woman I know, conservative, liberal, or any other political stripe.


Well, since you asked us to share our experiences, I will share mine. I moved to Virginia 7 months ago and my husband and I started trying to have children because we finally felt settled. The second month of trying resulted in a postive pregnancy test, burning nipples, and extreme lethargy. I was thrilled! I went to a mid-wife and she proclaimed that I was pregnant.

Three days later I started having the most painful period of my entire life. I called the mid-wife in a panic and she told me I was probably having a miscarriage but I could come have a blood test the next week. She said I didn't need to seek any medical care because nature would take it's course.

Sure enough I had suffered a miscarriage. I spent almost a full week bleeding and sobbing and cramping. I've never experienced anything so physically or emotionally painful.

And now they would have me call the police if this happens again? The thought is mindboggling.


when did i invite the govt into my private life?
so,i guess everytime i have a heavy period,i will call the police and say "i think i am miscarrying?" obviously someone doesnt understand the female body and know that you could be pregnany and miscarry and never even know you were pregnant to begin with. how about educating yourself better before you write such bogus crap..
this is the most insane thing i have ever heard in life. shame on the "genious" who thought up this insensitive thing!!!


I agree with Jenn that many women don't even know that they are pregnant. What kind of idiot thought this up??

Maura in VA


Thanks for the information provided to you by Delegate Cosgrove's office. I wish I had received a response from him before I wrote this, as I may have taken a different approach in publicizing it.

But let's stay in the reality-based community for a second. You can argue with my interpretation and I take no offense if anyone does - I'm not a legislator.

But you can't argue with the text of the bill, which refers to FETAL DEATH, and the text of the Code of Virginia which defines fetal death. The text of the bill has *nothing to do with abandoning live infants*.

I commend Delegate Cosgrove for his caring about the abandonment of live infants. He should write a bill about that. But this bill is about fetal deaths.

What I find most interesting is your information that the bill is currently being redrafted. I can't help but think that's because of a firestorm of objection to the way it's written. And I thank everyone who has taken the time to read about this, to confirm or question my own interpretations, and to act on it. If Delegate Cosgrove is re-writing the bill, then this has been worth everyone's time. It's democracy in action, and I'm proud of everyone who has bothered to take action here..


I am outrage at this information. Many women do not even know they are pregnant to have a miscarraige, they think it's just their period coming early. No man or woman has rights to know when a woman miscarries! It's a natural thing that happens, and if it's going to happen the couple can not prevent it from happening! STUPID STUPID STUPID, I would have to say the MAN who is wanting this to pass is stupid!


That is just plain stupid. Someone has WAY too much time on his hands!


Any suggestions on what those of us outside of Virginia could do? I'd love to take action!


What the Hell? I don't live anywhere near you, I am an Australian mother. But I too, have suffered a very traumatic miscarriage, at 12 weeks. I cannot believe that this bill is even being considered. Surely, they are not serious???? This is an offront to all women. The trauma of losing a child should not be compounded by the thoughtless ramblings of an idiot with no clue! How dare he?


Losing a much wanted baby is devastating enough without having to a) tell total strangers about it while you're still newly coping yourself b) having to tell relatives before you've had time to deal with your own physical and emtional well being and c) having to face a possible penalty for breaking a barbaric law that carries with it a fine, and for what ? Would anyone ever dream of expecting a mother who has just lost a child to do something like this ? So then, why should the mother of an unborn child be subjected to it ? Let alone that this flies in the face of women's rights to their own bodies, whether you are prochoice or in favor of right to life laws (and I am torn between the two, so I don't feel that I am biased one way or the other), this is violation of a parent's privacy. It's not the same as a parent's responsibility to report abuse or a tragedy that might be prevented or even remedied after the fact. Who wins with this law ? The prospective grandparents ? Do they honestly believe that this law will give them a say in things if they don't already have one ? If they aren't close enough to their children to be a part of their lives or don't have enough compassion to let the grieving parents tell them in their own time, do they really believe a law such as this will remedy things ? Who is this law protecting ? Whoever dreamed this one up needs see a proctologist and fast. Someone should help him locate his brain.


I am a white male evangelical Republican, and therefore considered by many to be a step below Satan. However:
Please do NOT think that all pro life people are anything like this delegate. My heart aches for mothers (and fathers) who have lost a child, before or after 38 weeks gestation, and I am disgusted by this proposal!

Kelly Perkins

This is the most deplorable, disgusting, invasive, ridiculous idea I have ever heard of. It is difficult enough for a woman to suffer the pain of a miscarriage without having to worry about being charged with a crime.


Sometimes I whine a bit about the Liberalism here in Canada, but then an article like this shows up. The right wing has become cultish in the U.S.A. and doesn't seem to fall far from having its own Ayatollah. It is a shame that lately, it seems like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. In another 4 years, the R's will have "fixed" the rest of the electronic voting machines and then where will you be?


Thank you so much for posting this. I'm doing what I can to get the word out in Washington state. We're not Virginians, but hopefully some bad press will help.

Chikita the Canuck

I'm a Canadian woman, who has for a long time disliked the religious right... And now I have this to say: Excuse me? You're kidding me, right? Right? This isn't just some sick twisted joke is it? This is too sick to be for real! If this becomes reality... I shudder to think about what will happen next.


Yet another reason not to vitist or live in Virginia. Now that the uppity gays have been put in their place, it's time to deal with pregnant women. I don't know who's scarier: this whack-job, or the whack-jobs who voted for him.


okay, im a 16 yr old brit. i think this is horrific. what if something goes wrong and you cannot report it because you were asleep or something... violating peoples privacy yes, humane no, mentally traumatising definately. no one sane can pass this, i feel for all you virginians. also note to self, dont miscarriage in virginia!


More than 80% of spontaneous abs occur in the first 12 weeks. Chromosomal anomalies cause at least 50% of these early abs. A majority of fertilized eggs do not implant. Moreover, of those that implant, 22% are aborted before pregnancy is clinically recognized. The frequency of clinically recognized abortion is 12% to 26%.

In nearly *all* cases of spontaneous abortion, the expulsion of the POC is preceded by the death of the embryo or fetus in utero (inside the uterus).

Outraged Christian

I'll have to say that this proposed legislation is, without a doubt the sickest, most vile, worst perversion imaginable. It is positively satanistic. No right minded gentleman could ever support this, and only a comopletely shameful excuse for a man could have proposed it. This legislation lacks all all decorum, and all gallantry. It is ungentlemanly, indecent, and unchristian. It violates all of what conservativism once stood for, and I say this as a registered Republican.

Lisa in PA

outrageously ludicrous, ridiculas, and obserd. This REP needs to get a life, and stop putting his nose into the private lives of others.


This has just got to be the most horrid thing I have ever seen being proposed. I utterly disgusted with the republican who proposed. Is this what the republican party has come to. This is not what I brought up to belive in.

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