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Unbelievable. I just saw this at DailyKos. Are these legislators working to create their own version of A Handmaid's Tale in Virginia, or what???

I'm going to write to my senator today - I'm sure Patsy Ticer supports it, but I just want to make sure she knows that I am aware of the bill and make sure that she rejects the amendment.

How could a bill like Whipple's NOT pass for 3 years? A sad state of affairs in Virginia.


maura - just a note to thank you for all your hard work. you've really been an inspiration to me and my newbie-activism. thanks!


I called Saslaw's office to put in my $.02 on it. He's a co-patron of Whipple's bill, and I'm pretty confident he's opposed to the amendment, but it never hurts to back him up.


Having worked for this idiot, this doesn't surprise me.

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