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Bo from NH/VA

Remember me? My apologies for not having written for a long time. I got your email asking if I was in Roanoke - I did in the end get to see some of the convention. Then, in the fall, I was part of a group that delivered NH to Kerry by nine thousand votes. Now, however, all the focus is on VA.
My eternal gratitude to you for all this amazing progress! Especially your heavenly fight against the miscarriage bill, and all the other blotches on VA's legislative system... A few questions: Will DFA-Virginia endorse candidates in the primaries for AG and Lt. Gov? Is it possible to put up some links to more House of Delegates candidates? It seems like virginiaprogressive.org has quite a few links... and maybe if some of the VA-DFA people were more visible on Blog for America, we could get people to contribute to some of our House of Delegates candidates... Also, what do you think of Delegate Dillard's retirement? Is there any chance we can grab that seat? Are there any candidates? Where will the big battles be fought? What is most important to work on? What can I do to help from cold NH?!
I hope I can be in VA this summer to help, and turn it blue!

Christian Grantham

Maura, great job today. It was a real pleasure meeting you and the large contingent of Virginians gearing up for the 2005 elections. We saw a lot of familiar faces and met some we really look forward to working with in the coming months as we work to take back the 13th district by electing Bruce Roemmelt for VA House Delegate.


We discussed Leadership Training at the DC/MD/VA Regional Caucus. One place to get leadership training is the Sorensen Institute. Everyone who wants to advance in leadership should apply. The Sorensen Institute is currently accepting applications for the 2005 College Leaders Program and High School Leaders Program. The 2005 program was held January 28th-30th in Charlottesville. Contact Sean O'Brien at stobrien@virginia.edu to get on the list of people who will be notified of the next application season for the Candidate Training Program.

The Thomas C. Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership seeks to improve political leadership in Virginia, thereby strengthening the quality of governance at all levels of government.
The Institute prepares the Commonwealth’s emerging leaders for public service as candidates for office, government officials and citizen activists in the affairs of their communities, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the nation. This is accomplished through educational programs designed around ethics, public policy, and practical politics.


Maura, this is Luis from the web site meeting. Any idea how many people attended the caucus today? Obviously we had a good turnout but I suck at guessing these things. Great job!

Maura in VA

Posted by: Bo from NH/VA | February 26, 2005 02:51 PM

Hi, Bo! Of course I remember you. :-) Hope things are going well up at Phillips Exeter -- you certainly were in the thick of things in NH during this past year. And congratulations on your success with turning New Hampshire blue - that's quite an achievement!

After our conference yesterday, DFV now has a working committee for candidate recruitment and support, and you can be sure we'll be featuring much more information (including links) on VA House candidates soon. I hope to get up a story about Bruce Roemmelt, from VA-13 (running against Robert Marshall) up later this afternoon. We do have some debates about whether we should be linking to everyone's Web sites before primaries are over, so that's still up in the air. Personally, I'd err on the side of linking to whoever is a declared candidate.

DFV, until now a loose grassroots organization of interested individuals, will soon become a legal entity (details are still being worked out). Once we establish a PAC, we will be working on a formal endorsement process for candidates, and of course we'll be fundraising for them. Until then, we will simply be sharing information about races and encouraging folks to contribute directly to candidates they choose to support.

It'll be great to meet you if you are home in Virginia this summer. There will be plenty for you to do on a political front, you can be sure! :-)


Good idea!
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