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Robin C.

This was a great experience! Dean is maturing as a national figure....I have great hopes that we're going to see good things from him as DNC Chair. NOW, I can resume contributing and quit sending letters to every soliticitation telling the DNC to get some backbone and quit betraying, not only me and my family, but also the very essence of democracy and freedom!

I don't know how much of the organization and resources at the rally was contributed by Capital City Brewery, but I have to compliment all those people from "Democracy for Maryland" and "Democracy for Virginia" and, PARTICULARLY, "D.C. for Democracy" who organized this event. It went smoothly, absolutely beautifully. Everyone did their part. Everyone seemed pretty relaxed and happy.

Guys, THIS is what democracy is all about: people liking and cooperating with each other, people ENJOYING their politics, and having a leader who LISTENS and exemplifies the positive values and enthusiasm of the grassroots.

I never quit realized until last night how appropriate was the phrase "People-powered Howard"!

Go, Howard! Go, US!


If any of you were there, I was the guy who gave the Doctor a Chinese New Year red packet. I just wonder if he knows there's a check in there!

Elaine in Roanoke VA

Oh, how I wish I could have been there! At our Feb. Meetup in Roanoke one person said that it had been about one year since the Virginia primary and we had all been so down, wondering where to go from there...Now, we have a great victory to celebrate, one that may be the rebirth of the Domocratic Party as a real force for reform and change.
Howard Dean is just what the "doctor" ordered for this country. Now, come on Virginia. Let's put the good doctor's advice into action. We need people to run for office this fall. Let no Republican go unchallenged.
An aside...the good doctor really looks good these days!!!

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