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Alice Marshall

at least it wasn't No Butt Sex

Alice Marshall

at least it wasn't No Butt Sex


Did these people actually get elected?
Its sad when lawmakers focus their efforts on (only phrase that comes to mind) stupid-ass stuff like outlawing underwear being seen. I could think of about 1 million other things they could be doing to fix "coarsening of society" issues. (even sadder it was proposed by a Dem)


nope - they didn't get elected. Most ran unopposed 10 times in a row


Sheesh, do they all think they're running a high school?!? I agree, Maura. It is so frustrating that the serious issues are overlooked for the stupid sensational ones. Keep up the good work, we're sticking with you.


BTW, the author of the droopy drawers bill is a black democrat (and you thought the rednecks had cornered the "goofiness" market).

Both he and the loon who proposed the State Bat legislation should both get the boot next election, regardless of their Party affiliation. These clowns who waste our General Assembly session time when they should be doing the People's business, deserve to be turned out of office at the earliest possible date.

Where are the Patrick Henrys, the George Masons and the Thomas Jeffersons of our time?

We need statesmen who will fight for American jobs, who will fight for our Civil Liberties and who will turn back the tyranny of "big brother" government so that Americans may live with the freedoms that God bestowed upon us all.

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Having worked for this idiot, this doesn't surprise me.

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