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Adam J

Although no one can replace Van Yahres, I think David Englin in the 45th is putting together the campaign that will make all Deaniacs proud. Not only he is right on the issues, willing to fight for them, but he is making the case for what Democrats in safe districts should be doing - building the party! Check him out at www.davidenglin.org


I'm the 45th district too, and haven't picked a candidate to support yet. There are several good candidates.


"Safe seats" are good opportunities to get visionaries in the pipeline. I love what you say about conscience.

Erin Skinner

David Englin is our best bet for Van Yahres' seat! He is running a grassroots campaign built from the ground up by young people and veterans of VA politics. He inspired me, a 23 year old novice in state politics, to get actively involved in bringing back progressive values to our state.


There is no better progressive Democrat for the 57th District than political activist and blogger Waldo Jaquith. He, like Mitch Van Yahres, is not afraid to "speak truth to power". Now, if we can only convince him to run.

Waldo Jaquith

David Englin is our best bet for Van Yahres' seat!

Uh. Y'all at the Englin campaign might want to think through your astroturfing. :) If you think David Englin is "our best bet for Van Yahres' seat," you might want to take a long look at a district map of Virginia.

Erin Skinner

No astroturfing - just quick typing without paying attention while posting surreptitiously at work! :-) I know the diff. between the 45th and th 57th - David Englin is the best bet to take up the mantle of Van Yahres on the conscience front - hopefully he'll have company with whomever wins in the 57th.


I agree with Maura. We need people from safe Democratic areas to push the envelope, to voice progressive values without apology. David Englin is a person who can do that, and the 45th would be lucky, indeed the state would be lucky, to have him in Richmond. I have watched other candidates in that race try to find out where people are on an issue before they will say what they believe. Not David. He's out there, and in a good way.



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