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Waldo Jaquith

It's sad that Del. Cosgrove continues to claim that this bill had anything to do with mothers abandoning babies in dumpsters. There is no reading of this bill that comes anything close to that. He may as well claim that the bill was intended to "fight terrorism," or "protect our boys in uniform" -- it wouldn't be any more true.

If he really did intend to write a bill regarding abandoned infants, his ability to craft legislation is so poor as to render him unfit to do his job. I prefer the kinder explanation that he'd intended to slip this bill through without anybody noticing -- once you noticed, he panicked, and started denying everything.


Hi! I saw you on Nightline last night. Have to say I was impressed by your professionalism. You came across aa far more of a real journalist than the Nightline journalist. I was irritated enough at how poor a job they did that I posted a rant about it on my Live Journal. This entry:


Ol Cranky


I'm sorry to say I missed you (and the coverage of Chez Miscarriage) on Nightline,though I have read the transcripts. First off, kudos for raising awareness about this legislation and describing it accurately. I was one of the people who posted on forums with direct links to your story & Cosgrove's suggested amendment and sent emails to my old college friends still living in VA; I felt no need to embellish the story as it was horrifying as written (especially when I realized VA incorrectly defines fetus).

For Cosgrove to require approval or advance notice of any "reporting" about him or legislation he sponsors makes me wonder what country he thinks he lives in. Worse yet, for anyone to imply that whatever misinformation that was spread was due the web being the domain in which information was spread is downright ludicrous.

From what I understand, everyone is raving about how well you presented yourself and your position. I think you may find yourself a little higher profile than expected, but I think it's clear you are thorough, accurate and worthy of respect, and definitely someone the media may keep their eyes on to get information.


Maura - I post Action Alerts twice a week at First-Draft. It's a group effort. We posted an Action Alert when this story was new, and sent I don't know how many emails to Cosgrove, between the Action Alert and Atrios' post.

Today he's going to get some more, because that's what the Action Alert is about - we're emailing Cosgrove to let him know that he's a damned legislator, works for the people, and legislation is supposed to be a matter of public record. He doesn't have a leg to stand on to complain about you or about what happened.


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