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That's good to hear.

Shayna Englin

Go, Bruce, Go! It's awesome to see campaigns dedicated to an honest-to-goodness grassroots effort. Talking to voters at their doors is definitely the hard way, but it's the only way to build ensuring connections. Can't wait until after June 14th when we can be helpful. I see a canvass van rental in our future...

sarah john

Bruce is the Best!! I'm really excited about this campaign and candidate, even more so givent that the opponent is among the worst of the incumbent Republicans. Bruce will do an amazing job of campaigning (already is...) and will be an amazing representative for the District. I urge every blog reader to contribute both dollars and hours to helping this awesome candidate who really rose from the grassroots and is doing it door by door. When the LG primary is over, I hope that the LB campaign can share the doors with the Roemmelt campaign!

Shaula Evans

It is definitely a pleasure to watch all the things that the Roemmelt campaign is doing *right.*

I'm just getting more and more excited about our prospects in November.

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