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Janet Oleszek

Maura, I was so pleased you were able to attend my town hall meeting and campaign kickoff on Saturday. It was important to me that I speak with my supporters and voters in the 37th and not at them as we continue to defend the goals and values we all share as Democrats.

Experience has taught me that listening is one factor many candidates neglect in campaigns, and I wanted to signal to the public that I was not the usual candidate, and that I always intend to listen to the concerns of my community. After 20+ years in various advocacy roles on behalf of education and women's issues, I have been able to develop an appreciation
for how we can achieve our goals through active communication. It really is a two way street.


Dan Drummond


I just wanted to personally thank Janet for coming to the City of Fairfax for her kick-off. She and David are running a clean, fair, and on-the-issues race that I know voters will appreciate, both in June and in November when we elect another Democrat to the House of Delegates AND propel Tim Kaine to the Governor’s Mansion.

And please make sure to vist the Fairfax City Democrats at www.farifaxcitydemocrats.org and our blog at wwww.fairfaxcitydems.blogspot.com.

Please attend our May 19th J-J Dinner where Tim Kaine will be the keynote speaker and Janet and Dave share their vision for the 37th!

Dan Drummond
Chairman, Fairfax City Democratic Committee
[email protected]

Shaula Evans

Maura, it was really a great pleasure to finally meet both you and Lowell, too--the icing on an already great day. It was a pleasure to see Dan Drummond and other great, hard-working Fairfax City and Fairfax County Dems as well, whom I miss since we moved down to Richmond.

One of the reasons that I both support Janet and have such a great admiration for her is that she really, fundamentally "gets" the importants of grassroots and netroots outreach, and letting people into the political process.

As you pointed out, it is critical that Dems hang onto Chap's seat. We are lucky to have a candidate with Janet's track record, legislative experience and policy background to pit against the Republican attempts to take District 37 away. And, with the growing grassroots support behind Janet, I'm confident we'll have a Democratic victory in November (as well as in the June 14 primary).

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