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I don't know anything about Steve Koleszar or I'd head over to DFA to recommend him for the A-List. Is his candidacy a recent development?


Maura, you still coming to our Progressive women's meeting on April 27? haven't heard back from you.


When I moved back to Virginia long years ago from Connecticut(we're talking about 1970 here), I remember that public television used to broadcast the House of Delegates sessions. What fun that was...and that was when the Democrats had all but about four seats. Of course, most of those guys were old "Byrd" Democrats, which means they were fairly close in spirit to today's Republicans. I don't believe I have seen so much willful ignorance on display in any one place. Oops, except for most any time when Dubya speaks without being scripted or prompted. :)

Kenton Ngo

I didn't know 750 Volts published on the Washington Times!

You can all read me here, not at the article. :)


I believe that this is the district that that nice dr matt on kos wanted to run for. the local party told him there was another candidate in the works.... they better put someone up, and soon to raise some $$, since they discouraged dr matt.

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