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It's SO GREAT to finally have someone running against Robert Marshall. I confess I havne't been as involved in state politics as I should be, but when I went into the voting booth in 2003 and didn't see anyone running against this nutjob, I was furious. I wrote myself in rather than checking the box for Marshall.

What Marshall did in the Hugh Finn case was disgusting. He's completely obsessed with abortion and does NOTHING for regular people here in Prince William. If he wants to go work full time on opposing abortion, that's fine. But that's not appropriate for a Delegate --- there are other important things that we need here and he's totally obsessed with his "pro-life" agenda, not on what we actually need.

Thanks to Bruce, we'll have a choice this time. And you bet we're going to take it.


Great strategy. We OWN the issues that really impact families--beiing able to find a job and making a decent wage, having access to healthcare, and not spending our lives stuck in traffic (Note to NoVAns: if you move to richmond, you can avoid the traffic and buy a house much much cheaper...)

Jason Bradfield

I am glad to see a Democrat seriously addressing the issue of America's time poverty. Some progressives have already addressed this issue in an activist, non-political manner: http://www.simpleliving.net/timeday/default.asp

Democrats should make ending America's time poverty a centerpiece of their agenda.

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