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Shaula Evans

More Benadryl Blogging!

Seriously, girl: keep this up and you'll have a staff writer job on the Daily Show.

If only puritans hadn't founded America...

I do found it ironic that so many early Americans, and throughout history so many American immigrants, left their homelands and came here to *avoid* religious persecution...and yet somehow it is the philosophical heirs of the Salem witch trials who still hate women, are still terrified of sex, and are still trying to promote social unrest and tear our communities apart for their own personal political gain.

One of the obvious solutions is to get more women involved in politics.


This is hilarious!

What is Bob Marshall going to do next - ban DANCING because it leads to fornication?

(Of course, VA's fornication laws were struck down by the courts, so maybe that would be okay.)

Maybe we should call Kevin Bacon and have him come to Virginia and open a can of his hard-dancing whupass on Bob Marshall to help Bruce Roemmelt win. :-)

Shaula Evans

That is a brilliant idea, Anon.

Seriously: If I were Bruce Roemmelt (and don't we all aspire to be Bruce Roemmelt?), I would send an invitation to Kevin Bacon...just on the off chance that he'd come out here.

Talk about earned media opportunities...

Or, at the very least, issue a public letter to Kevin Bacon. :)


Great piece. More benadryl blogging, please!


"sexual temptations from produce"




I just cleaned out my crisper drawer in my refrigerator. Who knew?


I don't know where he's grocery shopping, but I wouldn't let him make me a PBJ...


As if I needed another reason to eat chocolate and strawberries.

Alexandra Nelson

I just had to chip in here- I am the co-chair for the Pro-Choice Patriots, and the co-organizer for the event- and I love your support! I thought the "selling abortions" comment was especially funny since our group did not address the issue of "choice" at our table. We invited Students for Life to have a table, and I'm glad that we did- they did a great job, and are wonderful to work with. We then chose not to focus on our own cause so the event wouldn't be about pushing any political agenda of our own- rather it was about education and saving lives. Our table gave out aphrodisiacs, making no mention of abortion whatsoever! We did invite NARAL Pro-Choice America to have a table, but specifically stayed away from it ourselves... *hmphh*
All I could think about the "jelly" comment was, Gosh- if people know all they ever need to know about sex and protection by osmosis from walking down the aisle, then our country is miraculously safe from STD infections from here on out! Our own Peer Health Educators did a presentation at one of our Pro-Choice meetings and pointed out that there are 13 steps to putting on a Condom... Now I'll "defy" him to tell me all of those steps off the top of his head and tell me that all the college students who have been down the condom aisle, or even all those who use condoms, could tell me those steps without a cheat sheet...

Also- I concur... I'll make my own PBJs, thank you very much! Maybe next year we should distribute controversial grape jelly at the aphrodisiac table...


Alexandra, from all accounts it sounds like you guys did a great job. I hope this becomes a regular event at GM and other area schools.

Knowledge is power...

Eileen Levandoski

Great job, Alexandria! I attended the event and it was very well done. However, you don't need to worry about distributing grape jelly at the event next year. Coz there will be NO BOB MARSHALL and NO DICK BLACK (www.BlackOut2005.com). Thank you very much!!!

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