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Beyer for Hire

Lets hire Beyer; I'm in with $100 for the good Lt. Governor as soon as we know where to send it. Who will join me?


cool. let's show the man we want him to run! I met him in passing a few times duing Dean events and found him to be a really great guy. And I always liked his politics...

Shayna Englin

I'm so in with $100 and as much time as I can spare. Run Don Run!


The site will be developing as I have time (hopefully some today). One of the first things I want to implement is a place for supporters to sign up, show their support and volunteer for the effort. Fundraising will probably have to come later, since this is a federal office and would fall under FEC rules, but we may put up a "pledge" list.

More to come...

Run, Don Run!

sarah john

Do it! Just Do it! I pledge mucho bucks, $100 for starters, and even more hours -- just tell me where the phones are going to be!! As soon as the Nov. LB for LG race is over, I pledge to work as hard for your campaign as I did for HD! Just Say Yes!! Run, Don, Run!

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