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Yes, it matters. You probably can't understand why, but that's because you are a tool whose sole purpose is to bounce from blog to blog serving as the Democrat anti-Bush, arguing how every party and candidate decision is the right one. If the party powers rejected Marsden for his Republican connections, you would be squealing about how that was the right call. Newsflash: our party isn't infallible, or we would have more than 30-some seats in the house. That's the point of discussions like this, in case you haven't gotten the hang of blogging yet.

Supporting Cuccinelli and Brickner is a big reason why my friends and I didn't go to Marsden's meeting and won't be helping him. I'll focus on door-to-door for Kaine instead.

Accusing everyone who disagrees with you or any decision ordained by the party of being a right-winger and an idiot is ironic (or just hypocritical) in light of your arguments defending a big tent. But what should I expect from someone who YELLS and uses lots of exclamation marks to mask his inability to contribute constructively to the discourse?


GOLDEN- TJ grad- appellent attorney vs. MARSDEN- kiddy jailer REpublicrat
which bathroom does he use ?

Not Bill Tuck

Golden-unseasoned attorney v. Marsden-veteran administrator with legislative experience.

Besides, lets get down to brass tacks...will it be easier to make this seat democratic now in an open race with a popular governor or two years from now against a republican incumbent?


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