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Mark P

What a story!

Maybe he didn't mean it this way (then again, maybe he did) but the "Pimp My Ride" comment is pretty damned elitist, don't you think? Basically, it seems to me to say that he is "slumming it" in Manassas rather than being out in his big house in Woodbridge where he usually lives.

Hopefully the voters in Manassas will know they don't want to elect someone who thinks he's slumming it in their district.

Would be nice if some Democrat would run, though.


I don't think a Dem should waste time in this race. Let Harry have another term; he won't do much harm. But a Dem ought to be laying the groundwork for '07 as this might be Harry's last hurrah. Maybe some Dem could sponsor transportation forums for the people in the 50th. Show somw leadership that might pay dividends in '07.


Bob - maybe a Democrat could run a positive name ID generating campaign (no attacking Parrish on any counts) this year that would set them up for 07?

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