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Kenton Ngo

I'd have a hard time fathoming the logic behind the vast Warner fandom we have here in Virginia voting for Jerry Kilgore.

Either way this is great news, for what its worth. Virginia is going blue, and we all know it.


Maura, thank you so much for this great news and analysis. I bookmarked your site not long ago and really appreciate all that you and your team are doing!

And yeah, I think this poll under-states Warner's popularity in the state. All good news is good though! Keep it up.

Adam Sharp

I would think that Warner's low numbers among Hispanics should be more troubling for us. It would be interesting to know what Warner is perceived to be doing that rubs them the wrong way, or whether Warner is simply the figurehead for a commonwealth that, whenever the Republicans can, discriminates and marginalizes newcomers regardless of legality. Maybe Kaine can use his personal experiences to bridge that gap; we all know Kilgore can't stray too far from his right-wing handers, so those votes are ours if we want them. Do we want them enough to stand up and finally say that blaming immigrants for our problems is the wrong way to run Virginia?

pastor john

this illegal immigrants are the reason why our property taxes are so high. they are costing fairfax county 1 billion dollars alone this year.

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