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Maura in VA

BTW, it's now been frontpaged at DailyKos.

And a sharp-eyed commenter there noticed that the Photoshop job is so bad that Howard's thumb is still in the picture - jutting out of Shundler's left arm near the elbow!


geri in no va

Oooo man.

If I were John Pettit, I's throw a FIT!


Maura in VA

Yep, he posted at DailyKos and he definitely did not give permission to the campaign or their contractor (BigFish) to use the photo.

FYI, he kindly did give *us* permission to use it! :-)

Lynn in VA

The people in the photo should demand compensation -- you have the right to get paid if your image is used to sell products!

Sean Robertson

That has got to be one of the worst photoshop jobs I have ever seen. What the hell were these poeple thinking? You can even still se Dean's thumb on the right, not to mention the outline around the candidate caused by an EXTREMELY lazy clipping job (I could do better than that in my sleep!).

Bobbi in Va

Wow, they even co-opted HD's words: The web page says "It's time to take our state back." Thieves.

Wasn't that a wonderful day?


Not sure if you read in the Washington Post that VA late term abortion ban was ruled unconstitutional.

http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2005/06/03/AR2005060301083.html or click

Elaine in Roanoke

As one who was very much involved in Falls Church, what a hoot! Isn't is strange that Repugs who keep saying that Howard Dean is bad for the Dems insist on copying him. Hey, Repugs, there is only one Howard! He just keeps on building this party - sometimes in spite of itself. We now have 13 states that are receiving help from the DNC. Go Gov. Dean!

Patricia Taylor

What a sleazy thing to do!

Can the Dean supporters in the background who are clearly visible sue this guy?

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