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Adam Sharp

Heads up on the Blubaugh race, he just hired Lowell Fulk's assistant campaign manager, Annalia Glenn, to run the campaign. Annalia worked on Fulk's campaign during the spring, setting up the kick-off event and laying the groundwork for campaign manager Davis Walsh who started in June.

So Blubaugh has an experienced manager, a great resumé and an open seat ... do I smell an opportunity for the Democratic party?

Yes, yes I do.

Maura in VA

Mmmmmm....I love the smell of opportunity. :-)

Maybe it's a new cologne we could market: Opportunity. Dick Crandell could be our public spokesman in the commercials.



thanks for letting us know about Jim. He is a great candidate (plus I know his great daughter!)

I'm happy that a Dem is running in the generally republican area. I plan on somehow supporting his campaign!

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