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This is great. I've read about Bruce before but not much more on Earnie Porta.

All the news about this year's election is about Tim Kaine, but as far as reproductive rights are concerned, the House is even more important. We have to chip away at the Republican majority there. I think it's great that you are supporting two strongly pro-choice challengers for these seats. People in those districts deserve a choice - both with their health care and at the ballot box!

sarah john


While the "coordinated campaign" does seem to consistently only talk about Tim Kaine (!), please don't forget that Leslie Byrne is also running as the Democratic nominee for Lt Gov. She also needs grassroots help: for mailings, voter ID , event support, along with the exceptional Democratic House of Delegate candidates throughout the state! Leslie has a consistent record as a staunch supporter of the right of women to privacy and equality not to mention the right of each of us, male or female, to make our own decisions about our bodies and our families which is really what "choice" is about.

(In spite of what many of our fellow Virginians would have voters believe and seem to believe themselves, most pregnant women are not mentally incompetent moral bankrupts who need male guidance! They don't need politicians and pharmacists to protect them from evil doctors who would hand them "baby pesticides", they don't need patronizing paternalist politicians weighing in on their personal lives much less "correcting" either the decisions they make on their own or the decisions they make with their partners/husbands. They don't need anyone else's religious beliefs foisted on them; they are quite capable of their own relationship to God! And they certainly don't need to be carefully tracked after they miscarry because they are all closet criminals! In my humble experience as a physician, having diagnosed many, many pregnancies, my patients have been women who might/might not choose abortion. They don't consider themselves to be "pro-abortion" or "anti-life" but rather as possibly able/unable to be pregnant or able/unable to be mothers for a particular conception. They are most often married, more often than not using birth control, very often loving Moms. And they are virtually never casual about their decision in either direction with a pregnancy. But I'm only a doc of course, not a right-wing pontificator/candidate! Nor an allegedly moderate nor left wing candidate who feels compelled to chime in and prove "holier than thou" in order to compete!)

Sorry about the above rant! Sometimes it just drives me up a wall! And now with the Supreme Court nominee...

Please remember that there is a true Progressive candidate running--support her campaign as well as supporting your local candidates!


Roemmelt and Porta are excellent candidates--I have been following their campaigns for months. Anyway who has ever complained about the lack of great candidates in this state needs to wake up and support the ones who have started answering the call.
Good job DFV!

James Young

You might want to check your facts. The 51st lies entirely within Prince William County.

Maura in VA

I should have said "consists of" parts of Prince William County rather than "includes" parts of Prince William County. Not all of Prince William County is in the 51st, but all of the 51st is in Prince William. The facts were correct, but "consists of" would have been a more precise term than "includes" (though "includes" is true as well).

VA Loan

it is amazing what real grass roots efforts can do.

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