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Elaine in Roanoke

Thank you for the excellent posts, Kathy. I know the Democrats in Blacksburg will work hard to get out the vote in that area.
Folks should also remember that this weekend is the "Steppin' Out" street festival in Blacksburg. Appearing in the crowd with Kaine-Byrne-Deeds stickers on would be really good.
Also, if anyone in the Blacksburg area knows of women's groups that Leslie Byrne can contact, just let me know by email, either my personal email or [email protected]
Best wishes from Roanoke!


One correction to the blog article,"Raising Kaine in Blacksburg: Part 2" is that I've learned I'm a poor attendance guesser. There were actually closer to 200 people there.

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Hopefully we can get a lot of people out to this next event. Go John Edwards!


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